Stripping Berzerkers

I know some people would just hit them with a blast of primer. I’ve very rarely ever been able to do that myself. There’s always something nagging at the back of my mind that I didn’t spray on clean plastic. Just one of my many foibles. I’ve found for me LA Totally Awesome cleaner does the trick very well.

I first heard of using it from a YouTube channel eBay Miniature Rescue. I had been using Simple Green and a small sonic cleaner to clean my miniatures with, but after trying LA Totally Awesome cleaner it’s the only stuff I use now.

Free of the old paint and primer, these grey Berzerkers are waiting for a new coat of paint and new skulls to take for the Skull Throne.

Gettin’ back on the horse…

After family tragedies and a heck of a year on top of that, I’m trying to ease back into painting. I found some Second Edition 40k Chaos Marines for a really good price and thought some good nostalgia would help. Getting some paint on these as soon as I clean them and dig out my old paint scheme from “back in the day”.

Walking down some nostalgia…