A Demon Prince

Working at getting back on the horse has been more work than I had anticipated. Life is more like a bucking bronco lately than a river.

In lieu of second edition Berzerkers, here is a Slaaneshy demon prince I painted for a local contest, my first contest in years. Learned how much I still have to learn and practice again.

Stripping Berzerkers

I know some people would just hit them with a blast of primer. I’ve very rarely ever been able to do that myself. There’s always something nagging at the back of my mind that I didn’t spray on clean plastic. Just one of my many foibles. I’ve found for me LA Totally Awesome cleaner does the trick very well.

I first heard of using it from a YouTube channel eBay Miniature Rescue. I had been using Simple Green and a small sonic cleaner to clean my miniatures with, but after trying LA Totally Awesome cleaner it’s the only stuff I use now.

Free of the old paint and primer, these grey Berzerkers are waiting for a new coat of paint and new skulls to take for the Skull Throne.

Gettin’ back on the horse…

After family tragedies and a heck of a year on top of that, I’m trying to ease back into painting. I found some Second Edition 40k Chaos Marines for a really good price and thought some good nostalgia would help. Getting some paint on these as soon as I clean them and dig out my old paint scheme from “back in the day”.

Walking down some nostalgia…

Still Going

Still working out the kinks.

It’s been a while since my last post or hobby time update. I’ve got a few walls to get through, but I think I am getting back on track. I’m putting together a more consistent schedule to keep to and hope the ride gets smoother.

Time Away and Magpies…

Too much Time away lets my brain and the Hobbiest in me wonder a little too mcuch. The hobby magpie in me has struck again. Another project on the go, building my own custom Skull Cannons of Khorne. The GW sculpts, while great, just never sat with me. So the masochist in me decided to kitbash three of them for my Khorne Demons…more project in the works …

Slight Progress

With work load increasing in both my Day Job and School starting again, some momentum has been lost. But here is a small update. I was able to finish adding some basing materials to the Demon Princes and primed them. Black base primer then hit them with a white primer from above. Hopefully this will give them a zenithal highlight.

Fingers crossed.

More Projects


So many Projects on the go. Of course like a Hobby Magpie, I have to break from my feverish painting of Red Berzerkers and start another project.

Two Demon (Daemon?) Princes for the Hordes of Chaos that are now crowding my painting table. The one on the left my cousin built our of his bits box. I added some more Green Stuff sculpting on his back and the base. The one on the right is a rescue off of Mindtaker Miniatures. More pictures to come with more basing materials on both and some primer …. and paint (I hope).